Art Biography

As a teenager Gerry shelved the security of a lucrative job as a graphic artist at London Weekend TV to hit the big time in Japan, the UK and Europe as guitarist and co-founder of Glam Rock pioneers GIRL which split up in 1982. For the next 15 years whilst based in London, Sydney and Hollywood acting as personal manager to film director Russell Mulcahy he went on to work on dozens of award winning videos for Queen, The Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, Billy Joel, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Culture Club, Fleetwood Mac etc, many big budget TV commercials and 11 feature films including the Mulcahy classic 1986 movie Highlander.

As a musician, Gerry has released over 30 albums with GIRL, Ultravox, The London Cowboys, Sheer Greed, Duran Duran's John Taylor and as a highly respected solo artist.

An overwhelming desire to return to his roots persuaded him to turn his back on LA in 2000 and to rediscover himself yet again, this time at home in London. From 2001 - 2008 he almost single-handedly reinvented 60's pop icon imagery for his celebrity clientele including Eastenders star Samantha Womack and 007 James Bond film star Britt Ekland and members of several multi-million selling bands including The Prodigy, Duran Duran, Def Leppard and The Stray Cats.

The imitators soon moved in as this new millennium pop iconism was diluted again just as it was in the 1960's. So Gerry has moved on again to work that is far less easy to copy. He widened his range of mixed media materials to incorporate the use of holographic sequins (up to 10,000 hand cut and placed sequins on a single piece) decorating acrylic paintings on canvas. Other materials were often used such as rose gold and yellow gold leaf, silver leaf, diamantes, Swarovski glass beads, pearls and turquoise, sterling silver feathers and Laffy’s ubiquitous diamond dust. These works took dozens or sometimes hundreds of hours of precise hand crafted labour to achieve. Many of these can be viewed at the ‘In Collections’ page (click here).

Summer 2014 and 2015 saw Gerry join up with fellow musicians who paint in the 'Punk, Rock and Roll Art Show' curated by Martin Stacey and Luigia Minichiello at The Underdog Gallery SE1. It was a great success.

Then again 2016 – In October a new collection went into the 2016 outing of The Punk, Rock N Roll show. In 2016 and into 2017 Gerry had work in Atom Gallery N4, Dan Gold’s Monsters of Art Gallery, in The Wellington Club in Knightsbridge and Zebra One Gallery.

In October 2017 Gerry was invited by owner Gabrielle Du Ploy at Zebra One Gallery to participate in the ‘With Art in Mind’ show. Gerry’s work was displayed alongside Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon, Mason Storm, Damien Hirst and others. The show had a 20 page feature in the CNN arts section and on their homepage, an article on Vice Media, several national and local newspapers, dozens of art mags and Gerry got the front cover and a feature article in Etcetera.

By April 2018 after a year of painstaking work Gerry had completed over 30 pieces of new work for a 2018 solo show. With this collection he lays out for us a semi dystopian view the world’s obsession with war and of memorable international clashes in his lifetime.

Other imagery is created from various childhood influences good and bad and also a few places of interest. There is a happier more whimsical side too with a look at various animals created on acetate and gold leafed. They can be framed with or without a lightbox (see video).

He says ‘It’s a pretty bleak world at the moment politically, such upheaval across the planet. Machinations at work that have huge influence over us like vast databases being used to alter Presidential elections. Deforestation and wild fires, Covid-19. The Afghanistan debarcl. I feel we are all somehow preparing for a cataclysmic change. I hope its for the better. I am so grateful and lucky but I see a lot of worry and panic about me. The gathering of information is the oil of the future, the BIG business, I try to stay off the ‘grid’ but it’s difficult of course. But there is a world of beauty too, nature, love, creations of beauty like art, guitars, cars, furniture, fine wine, fine jewellery all these things I love, I love much more than I hate or worry. These images are just me expressing my emotions, it's just art. Ain't no big thing’.

'Apart from the gold leaf and gallons of diamond dust a lot of the work I have done for the past few years is trying to make 2D into 3D easilly. I looked at many ways of suggesting layers. I used literal layers, varying layers with glue, paint, adornments and I always purposely used vibrant and surreal colours which is my take on the perpetual underlying mechanisms of oil guzzling, banking and armaments conglomerates (plus a few megalomaniac heads of states) running the planet. Our lives. There are lots of layers at work in the world, it’s colourful and entertaining but we often only get to see one of the many layers, the one we are meant to see. In the media, as in this work we only ever see the picture intended for us. Look deeper, something is usually amiss. We can’t trust anyone but our oved ones, don’t just trust whatever is presented to you, seek out truth and wisdom. Look a little deeper. My work is based on irony usually. Take me at face value and you'll miss the point of what I am reinterpreting onmy art' says G.

May/June 2018

Gerry was invited by the art world’s most notorious balaclava wearing artist ‘Elvis’ Mason Storm to be a guest artist at the launch of his new company Asylum Artist Management. This show is on May 31st in the Crypt, St Pancras Church, Euston Rd, Kings Cross.

October 2018

Gerry was also asked by Martin and Luigia to return to the Punk, Rock n Roll Art show at the Underdog Gallery in October. This was his fourth show with Marty and Luigia to this now annual gig, an art show and a punk festival all combined.


The Gerry Laffy Art Collective had it's debut show in Dover seafront at Dover smART's My Gallery in Easter and has two further shows this year, one in August and one in December both at Lauderdale House the glorious 16th century mansion in Highgate. 14 artists will participate. Gerry Laffy, Tessa Gaynn, Ronan O’Regan (who is also exhibiting in the RA summer show), Suzy Smith, Caroline Reed, Woz, Jonathan Dickson, Danielle Vaughan, Scarlet Isherwood, Steve Green, Phil Parkinson and two photographers Conor Carroll and Tosh Marshall and with a very special guest Mason Storm. Lauderdale House was one of the finest country houses in Highgate and was originally built for Richard Martin (Lord Mayor of London) in 1582 with a timber frame. In 1645 it was inherited by the Earl of Lauderdale (hence its name) from his mother-in law Mary (Dudley) Sutton, and in 1666 it was visited by Charles II and Samuel Pepys, while Nell Gwyn is said to have lived there briefly in 1670.


Gerry is again a participant at The Asylum Artist management show at The St Pancras New Church Vaults (in July 2019).


With 3 Gerry Laffy Art Collective shows done and dusted (the last finished in January) Gerry decided to take a step back from making both art and music for the remainder of 2020. Coincidently the Covis-19 pandemic hit and gave Gerry time to work on a long time ambition to launch a clothing line based on his artwork. In March Gerry launched 'G-SPOT' a merchandise shop featuring his art on T shirts, mugs and other items. This is a collaboration with Noise Merchandise who also run the Girl merchandise shop which can be found at


The new work:
I am currently immersed in 3 canvases of my teenage idol Marc Bolan. I am doing them in high quality Austrian rhinestones. 12,000 to 16,000 per canvas. The larger ones beong 60cm square, the smaller one is 60cm x 40cm. they come frames with or without superclear perspex. They take weeks to finish. I just really wanted to do this triptych. Most of my recent print work has been A3. They comprise of a high quality flatbed A3 colour print, a second layer of acetate with the black elements which is floated over the image. These are separated by 6mm or can just sit on top. The photo paper used is 170gsm which can take a lightbox being built into the frame. If this is what you chose there is no glass as the picture has an acetate layer already. A small hole in the mount houses the on/off switch. The back light (optional) can be mains or hold an internal battery pack’. As usual this work is in mixed media. Several pieces incorporate gold and silver leaf, Swarovski stones and diamond dust. 3D is a theme and reflected in most of the work in some way. I am also hand finishing some prints, they are 310gsm high quality giclee's, especially the crowns, they are just begging for adornments with rhinestones too, I use hundreds of them, white, black, red and blue. They really look amazing. Great value at £250 too.

In the early summer of 2021 Gerry was invited to join and has now set up shop there with a dozen original pieces and 25 limited edition prints. His first launch was hand adorned Crowns prints with hundreds of rhitestone placed meticulously in place of precious stones. 3 Marc Bolan canvases are on sale too. The first a monochromatic Austrian rhinestone canvas has over 15,500 hand placed stones and is on sale for £2,000. Two further canvases are being created. Both red, black and white images, further shots of Marc Bolan's album cover art of 'The Slider. These rhinestone canvases are being worked on over the summer. A new range of merchandise has also been launched on with several new Girl and G Spot items now for sale. T shirts, various apparel, mugs, flip flops, fridge magnets all now on offer. There are now dozens of items for sale in his shop.